22 April 2008

barely scathed by that one!

On Friday I was working at the antique store when I received a call from one of my Artes co-workers, JP. I was hiding in the bathroom to talk to him and he said, "Hey, they're doing layoffs today. You might lose your job." He's always bugging me (in a nice way) at work so I thought he was crank calling me...he would do something like that. Um, loosing my job? hahaha... I got a voicemail 2 hours later that said, "Hey, just thought I'd let you know you're safe." Well, good, thanks for the call...I wasn't worried in the first place.
I went in early on Monday and overheard Customer Support and IT talking quietly about all the people that got let go. JP was totally serious, I definitely could have lost my job! What a shocker that would have been after the absolutely fabulous weekend I had hanging out with my mom and Brady. I came to find out, when I saw JP a little later, that I was actually on the list of people they were going to let go...but I got off it somehow. I got a, "Wow, you're still here!?" from Tony, to which I just did the raised eyebrow nod. Psh. I guess that wasn't expected. The, "You made it too!" from Andrew was a bit more encouraging. I know my boss' boss doesn't think I make a big contribution to the company, but others do, so something worked out for me. I seriously don't know who talked to who, or what came up but my position still exists. God must really love me.
The company is cutting corners any way they can since they didn't make as much money as they expected last year. Even people high above me lost their jobs because I guess they weren't important enough. It's pretty scary. There was a pretty awkward tone throughout the office because most people were sad about one of their friends being let go, or just grateful to still have their job. I am too. Even though I think they would be stupid to get rid of me-cheap slave labor with no benefits, you never know what might happen the next time they decide to downsize. This is the 2nd time they're done layoffs since I've been there (6 months). I don't know how lucky I'm gonna be if they do another round of "restructuring"... Sooo, I'll just count my blessings right now and seriously start to think about getting another job.

03 April 2008

Pix of the baby piggies

You know what I love? Leftovers that taste just as good when you heat them up the second time as they did the first time.

Anyway, the pigs, the PIGS!

This is Cow.

Cow is so cute. Does't he resemble a baby cow? He might be the tamest because he's our favorite and we pick him up the most. He just got given away to our ex 3-door down neighbor down at the Palisades. She was talking about getting one of those things we had for her daughter since she loves animals and we just offered him up...I'm gload he has a good home and all but he was so cute. Bittersweet.

I also like it hot and dirty rather than cold and clean. o_0. Just kidding....

Snake Food.

Lovingly named because I don't think I'd care if he got eaten by a snake. He squeals loud and incessantly...and unnecessarily, it seems. It's irritating. And he's so sqeemish that it's hard to pet him or calm him down. He's definitely not as well adjusted as Cow but he's getting better. Especially now that he has to put up with Jazz, the least well adjusted of them all. Cow was so cute, ho hum... I wish he wasn't or else I might have less attachment issues with letting him go. But they need to go. Having 3 guinea pigs is expensive and not what i bargained for when I bought one...anyone in the market for Snake Food???

Also, I quit Jamba Juice (I don't know if everyone know's already...) boy was that a party. No more smoothie making, yayyyy! I'll stick to margaritas with my blender...