09 April 2009

lemon yellow snot

I know I have a sinus infection, but seriously, the stuff coming out of my nose is just not of nature. It looks like the paintings Laura has on the living room floor right now: layers of dandelion...and fricken NEON yellow! (I'd post a picture, but that's just too much effort for me right now so you get font color changes...er, not of the snot, of the paintings, geez.)

I know I'm not the only one that has had this issue since I googled it, but still, the world may be a better place if my mucus glands would calm the frick down! Someone was wondering if the color change was due to their chemo...omg what is wrong with me!? I have nooooo idea how the body produces such an unnatural color!

I can't go to the doctor cuz I have no insurance (and who wants to pay for that...?) so how many oranges do I have to eat!?