08 January 2010


Jonathan: have you ever been skydiving
11:20pm Liko: neg
11:20pm Jonathan: ever wanted to go
11:20pm Liko: i used to...and then i realized i valued my life too much
11:21pm Jonathan: hahaha i see
11:22pm Liko: yeah, it's kinda lame. i know ppl that go
11:23pm Jonathan: its alright, what you said makes sense too
11:28pm Liko: ha but i would fully support you if you went
11:29pm Jonathan: haha well thats comforting
11:30pm Liko: is it on your to-do list?
11:30pm Jonathan: yeah it was under the extremely dangerous/ possibly could kill you but totally worth it category
11:32pm Liko: i might start putting 'flying on an airplane' in that category these days...