12 September 2009

wearing thin

little by little

03 September 2009

He knows I needed it

I woke up feeling pretty blah this morning. My roommate was up unusually early while I was getting ready & made pancakes. And she made some for me! It was good to just have some breakfast and talk. I needed to talk. Then I checked my email and my mom told me she was thinking about me at like, midnight my time. I think I needed someone to be thinking of me then. I feel like I got a little extra lovin from God today.

01 September 2009

Work email gripe

cc-ing your boss…kinda dirty because you want them to keep track of what's being asked of them (something I don't really mind, I feel like my boss and I are in the mess together)... BUT cc-ing your boss, your boss' boss AND the general manager when you don't get the answer you want. Just plain DIRT-YYY. It creates more hell for my boss than me, but still, do you need to get everyone and their brother involved!? I'm not sure what you're trying to help... I feel like you do that more to get people in trouble. =P