04 October 2008

I heart Vanilla Sky

This song was covered so many times....but the mockery of the video put out by these guys is just breathtaking. I'm not biased because they're Italian or anything...promise ;)

03 October 2008

Prop-8: Pray for California

I'm sure you've heard (or maybe your haven't) about Prop. 8 being put on the California ballot this election. Prop. 8 is a ballot measure that will place into the California Constitution language that says "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California." I am in full support of voting YES on Prop 8.

I believe marriage is not a civil right created by the government but a covenant instituted by God for His purpose. Marriage was created not only to be a life giving union (Genesis 1:28) where a man and a woman become one flesh (Gen. 2:24) but also a reflection of our salvation, a metaphor for Christ and his church (Ephesians 5:22-33).

I am not saying this because I hate gay people or I think God hates gay people when in fact He truly does love them but redefining marriage will open up a can of worms that I don't think many people realize the repercussions of. If you think letting people marry whom they want has nothing to do with you, think again! This will affect our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, the things our children are taught in public schools and our society as a whole. This can already be seen in places like Canada or Massachusetts (or already in other ways in CA) where it is mandatory to accept the homosexual lifestyle and illegal to speak against it even in places like the church. Where is our right to freedom of speech there? Churches have had their licenses revoked because they believe the Bible and would not marry a homosexual couple. What will happen to freedom of religion? Practicing their faith - that's all they were trying to do.

To redefine marriage to be between "party A" and "party B" could very well mean I could marry my brother, my cousin, my dad, my dog, my car...60 year old men could marry 8 year old boys, polygamy might even be totally OK after all...because hey, it's all love, right? We shouldn't discriminate, right? Where then would we draw the line?! People are so self-centered these days they don't even consider the big picture.

Prop 8 will aid in preventing the further degradation of our already faltering society. The world already seems to be going to hell and I don't want to help it get there.

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01 October 2008

My thoughts just never make it to my blog...

I'm a total blogging slacker but I vowed to be better about it in October.

I actually have a few things to say, but right now it's 11:30 and I need to wake up for work in approximately 6 hours so I'ma brush my teeth instead of write something long.

I will say this though: homemade raisins are the bestest things everrr (say it like a valley girl, ev-errr). Seriously, I just a bunch of grapes in my back seat for a week and my darling car parked out in the hot sun all day turns them into delicious raisins. No sugar added...cuz you know I don't need that stuff!

Sleep sweet ;)