24 May 2008

fully employed?

YESSSS, finally, I scored a full time Monday through Friday job. It doesn't sounds like a horribly exciting position (I process warranty claims) but it's with a reallllly good company owned by Jeld-Wen. They're kind of a big deal in the lil sector of the universe. Oh, and people wear jeans to work. I can get used to that...
I got it really suddenly too. I had the lovely ladies at AppleOne looking for a new position for me because I was thinking about how unstable my jobs were, and how I have a sucky schedule that isn't even worth it because I don't even make a decent living. So...on Wednesday this opportunity came up and they said it would be a really good match for me. Paperwork and phone calls, fair enough, I already do that... so they tell me I have an interview on Friday morning before I have to go to work at the antique store. I thought the interview went really well and it was actually pretty fun considering they're judging everything I say.... A couple of hours later I got some good news! I was all ecstatic, but they want me to start on Tuesday. um, yeah, I have two current jobs that aren't exactly aware I'm looking to leave. But all signs pointed to yes when I questioned if I should do it. I was gonna quit my jobs on Friday regardless of how the interview went because God kept pointing me to Matthew 6:25ish, talking about not worrying and trusting Him, and even my fortune cookies were telling me to take chances. haha!
The biotech doesn't even know yet, apparently. I called my staffing agency and I'm letting them deal with it. I don't particularly care that I'm leaving so abruptly because I feel like that job is a total rip off. I don't know why I kept trucking along for so long because it sucked. I'm on a never ending contract with absolutely no hope of being hired permanently. I was just kinda there indefinitely. There was some chance in the beginning of becoming permanent until they weren't making enough profits. (See my April 22 blog) If they're flaming pissed at me, what can they really do? Screw 'em!
At the antique store, my boss flipped out. Very very unhappy. I mean, you can't blame her. I was feeling pretty horrible all day about having to tell her. But you can't blame me either. I'm not sticking around at a dead end job that doesn't pay me enough to make a living because it would be bad timing for my boss. Hell no. This is one of those times I needed to think of myself first. I don't understand how anyone in my place in life could stay at a position like this for long anyway. It's not like I have a rich husband that pays my bills and I'm working for kicks... BUT I got roped into working Saturdays for another 2 months so it's not so hard on the store. I know, I know, she can't exactly make me, but I gave her 3 days notice and I felt bad. BAH. I can't wait for a full weekend. I think I've had about 5 of those since October.
But yeay, I start training at my new job on Tuesday. YEAYYYYY!

08 May 2008

Boyfriend is romping around Europe

I'm jealous. Right now I’m on the verge of just quitting my jobs and buying a plane ticket out of here. And by ‘out of here’ I mean to Europe, where I would always rather be. Not permanently or anything, just for a little while. Like, a month...but now would be a bad time to go since Europe’s more expensive in the summer. What is it about summer that makes me feel the need for freedom?! I always did summer school as a kid, so I’m not sure how much of this desire you can blame on that. I just like to travel. It’s been a year since I last skipped the country. I’m itching. And the torture comes today from my friend who tells me that after he graduates he’s taking off for Greece and Turkey, then taking the train up to St. Petersburg via Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, etc… I’m so jealous!! I was like, “why didn’t you tell me this sooner, I wanna go!” as if I would really crash their trip, but the very idea of being able to go would be amazing. Greece and Turkey are next on my list, I love eastern Europe and I’ve always wanted to go to Russia. Even though I don’t quite know all the details, it sounds like they’re taking my ideal trip. If I just had more money I’d be gone. But perhaps I’ll wait until the low season in Europe since the Euro exchange rate is rape enough. Real life sucks. My jobs suck. Paying off loans sucks... ugh, give me one good reason to stay. Oh yeah, I need money...