21 November 2008

Jamba Makes the World a Better Place

...or at least my world.

The little Gingerbread man is my favorite Jamba card cuz he's totally adorable. I thought I still had my one from last year to reload so I could do the whole buy a $25 gift card and get the free 16oz thing...and then I'd be set for buying more Jamba (cuz I go there all the time anyway...). I kept saying that I'd buy a card later but I wanted to find my old one to reload cuz I didn't like this year's design....but I couldn't find him. I went through 3 purses before I decided he was lost and the next time they asked I would just get one of the new designs just to help them out. (but only if it was someone I liked in case they were on teams competing for who could sell the most like we were last year)

Today I went in and got my usual substitute for my usual (Matcha Green Tea Blast, no fro yo, sub blueberries and energy boost cuz I'm freekin' tired at work) and Ben, who is usually there in the mornings, took my order. I had all intensions of buying the card if they asked and it didn't seem like he was going to ask (maybe cuz I whined about my gingerbread man card enough) so I was getting out my debit card to pay and he's like, do you wanna get a card this time? "Sure, why not?!" I kinda threw my arms up and grabbed one of the dumb looking apple ornament ones...but before I could hand that one to him he pulled another one out and said, "this is the one you liked, right? I found one for you." THE GINGERBREAD MANNNNN! TOO AWESOME! I'm pretty stoked, if you can't tell. He's so cute, isn't he?? I'll make it a point to not loose this one.

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