16 February 2009


remember the part where i said i'd be better at this? lies.

but anyway, little update:
my company is restructuring...and they have been since last October...and our company makes things that are totally luxury/expensive/unnecessary which means that in this economy, business is down (duh)...but my department is always busy no matter how slow orders are, there are always problems! buuuuut apparently that isn't enough for job security because they moved my whole department up to our windows plant.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't feel like I was just being the bitch in this situation by not being part of my department, technically, but still having to do all the old work. I have to clean up everything pending and then they'll figure out what to do with us.

Let's see, i hate my job...but I think I'd hate everyone elses' job more...mainly because I hate my company, or mainly the people they hire as managers. I thought these people got degrees in this crap... I'm sure they want to make us miserable so we'll quit, or offer us jobs we don't want so that we can't be laid off. I want my unemployment, can't they just lay me off alreadyyyy!???

oh my gosh, who asks to get laid off.......

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