04 June 2009

I'm cleaning and unpacking

Yesterday I was out cuz I had an appointment, I had a thing at church, my friend was having a get together...
but today I'm staying in because there is nothing in the outside of my apartment world where my presence is required.

Mom: "You're just staying in today?"
Me: "Yeah, I have nothing to do."

-- does that not seem like a legitimate answer to the question? --

Mom: "You have plenty to do! You have to do your unemployment and find a job. There are plenty of jobs to be looked for! ...." etc etc...
Me: "ok! I KNOW. I just said I was going out today."

She wonders why I sound upset.

I am very aware that I have no source of income. & I so adore getting that shoved in my face in every conversation we have. Thanks for the reminder...

Negative reinforcement is not a motivator for me.

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