19 October 2009

Safety Friday

It’s the perfect day at work to take my mind off all that is going on.  I couldn’t have planned my mother to have major surgery on a better day myself.  Though I was all teary this morning, when afternoon hit it was fun time!  We had a bunch of people in the office giving us tips on how to “be safe”.  There was a cop doing demonstrations of what happens when you’re drunk…as in he had the beer goggles, literally.  And we had to play this shape game that I used to have when I was a kid.  The one where there’s a timer and you have to stick all these little shapes into their matching openings before the timer goes off and everything pops up.  I forget what it’s called and I’m too lazy to Google it right now.  Anyway, I was wearing the binge drinking (frat boy) goggles…like when you blow a 2.5+ !! It was crazy.  I went to get my co-worker at the front desk & I totally thought I was heading right between the open DOUBLE doors.  Nope…definitely got some hip and shoulder in the wall action… but I rocked the game!  I got like 20 pieces in that thing.  I feel like I accomplished something today.

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