04 May 2010

Music Tuesday #5

Song of the week: The Jig Is Up by Edison Glass
Listen to it and see lyrics on Yahoo! Which has it on Rhapsody....
Correct lyrics here.

I've asked with the right intent and bright eyes
But what I can't seem to figure out is how and why
And I can't seem to handle it

Sometimes I feel like I've been praying diligently with the right motives and with hope yet I still don't understand what God is up to, or understand how God will come through on this thing that just seems so huge. But you just have to stay faithful and not doubt. God will answer in His time...not ours

I'll wait for Your words, I'll trust You'll say

...because God is so much bigger than I can even fathom:

Your eyes see further than mine
I can see as far as the sun and the moon in the sky

I can see the sun and the moon, God can see the whole universe. God can see the future.

I was reading 1 Samuel chapter 1 in verse 10 it says, "[Hannah], greatly distressed, prayed to the LORD and wept bitterly." She was being ridiculed by her husband's other wife for being not being able to have children and this burdened her heart so much that she prayed with passion to the Lord & made Him a vow. Later, God remembered her when she prayed and answered.

I think I need to be more diligent in bringing the burdens of my heart to God. Nothing is too big for Him!!

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