12 April 2010


This past week I was convicted about how I haven't been taking a Sabbath day...like, at all. I was going non-stop everyday (and totally not sleeping to boot) since Good Friday: Work, service, movie night. Girls breakfast, hella necessary nap, serivice, birthday party. Breakfast, outreach, Easter service. Drive, lunch [not] date, drive, !deation, hang out. More !deation, hang out, drive back at midnight. Work, fitting for Friday's show, small group. Work, cafe set up, cafe and more hanging out...On Thursday I was like, man, I am exhausted...and I still have more stuff coming up!! I was creeping on my friend's facebook page and saw a status update that said, "Great Saturday: A Day of Rest (So, I'm gonna watch the NCAA Final Four :)" Oh, hey, a day of rest?? Fancy that. When's the last time I actually did that?? After the Jedidiah fashion show event on Friday I was hanging out with my homies and decided to nix my weekend plans (at least the ones that required waking up early) for some much needed rest. I got home after 2am & took 2 hours to get ready for bed since I decided almost falling asleep in a hot tub of water was a good idea.... Actually, it was though, I was relaxed. I slept in til two!! I totally skipped the half day of volunteering that started at 8am. You can't just give and give and pour out without taking the time to reflect back on God. "Be still and know that I am God..." Psalm 46:10. Relax, let go, and know that God is in control. I mean, even He rested...

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