07 April 2010

Ideation Conference, Long Beach, CA

I know I totally skipped Music Tuesday BUT I had the most amazing past 5 days.  Not only was it Easter weekend where I got to celebrate the fact that my Savior is risen and ALIVE!! but I basically gave myself a 4 day weekend chock full with awesomeness.  

I had the privilege of attending the first !deation Conference  that gathered  a people that worked for all types of non-profits in all different stages of their business life cycles & gave a platform to share ideas, gain insights and network to be better equipped to move forward with their causes.  I didn't attend any sessions the first day since I wasn't really there and I was busy with fashion show prep, but the second day I saw in on workshops and whiteboard sessions that were incredibly insightful, even for someone like me that wasn't representing any organization in particular.  It was so amazing being around people that cared so much for humanity and wanted to make positive changes in the world.  So inspiring!  I wasn't [well] informed about many of the groups that were there, but there were a couple that sparked my interest.  I noticed that the guys from Love146 were there and I had heard of them through my friend's Connected Cultures Clothing company who had shirts that donate a portion to their cause, and also one of my top 10 favorite bands, Edison Glass, who had the logo in their CD jacket...so I decided I must meet them.  I actually didn't know much about the company except for that they worked against human trafficking.  I waltzed on up to them not really knowing what to say, but just that I had heard of them and wanted to know more.  They gave me a pamphlet with all the info that's basically on their website and we just chatted.  I also mentioned how much I loved Edison Glass and found out that a parent of one of the guys is part of their organization.  I happened to be wearing my Toms that I wrote Edison Glass lyrics on and they were quite entertained by it--what a small world!  After I read through the pamphlet though, my heart totally broke.   They had a powerful story (go read it!) and an amazing cause.  I realize that many or those organization have stories as heart breaking as this.  There are so so so many ways that this world is broken.  I know that your heart can break for a lot of causes but you just can't help everyone yourself.  It took me a while to realize that there is only so much one person can do since you just can't care about everything, but find the things that you really do have a heart for and do what you can to make a contribution.  I feel that there are so many ways my heart is stretched and I can't focus on all of them!  It's kind of crazy.  But, right now, I'm so encouraged that people really want to make a difference the right way, I'm so excited to see what will happen with the organizations whose stories I heard, and I'm inspired to be used to make lives better.

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