30 March 2010

Music Tuesday #2

Song of the Week: Common Code by Staggerford.
You can listen to it on myspace. (Everywhere else=only song clip!)
Lyrics not on the interwebs so I did my best to listen. First verse + chorus:

"Love Love Love is all we ever talk of.
Talk and talk is all we ever get done.
The more I tried to feel the more I felt pain.
I'm wondering if it's a worthy exchange.
Who knew that there is never anything to gain,
Lest you might end up feeling it might not have been a fair trade.

Common Code says 'Love will never let you down'..."

At first I just wanted to touch on the first 2 lines of this song because that's what got me when I first heard it. It reminded me of how a lot of people "do" church. You go there on Sunday and talk about loving people. OK. And we talk about God and we talk about meeting people's needs and we talk about having vision....which is great, but putting all of that into action is even greater. But half the time it's really just left as a nice idea and the talking is all that is ever accomplished. Sad story, right? I was just going to exhort you/myself with 1 John 3:18 "Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with deeds and in truth." because an outpouring of our love for Him = an outpouring of our love to others...and there you have it! BUT I think God just called me out to stretch my thinking cuz this song was playing in my head ALL DAY and it was just the first 2 lines. And now, when I listened through the song in it's entirety, in order to write about it, I felt I also must explore the next part which is probably why we talk about love but don't really do it as often or as well as we'd like.

We know it'll hurt when we really see the needs of others and let it burden our hearts. We realize it'll require the pain of personal sacrifice to try and meet the needs to others. We start to wonder if it will be worth it to carry out the things we talk of because, really, we'd rather just be in ignorant bliss... (lines 3&4) And then, you may decide that you're willing to do love and not just talk love and maybe you don't see any good come of it. You give and give and give and don't see a result. What if God's purpose is just that? To love and not get anything in return. He never promised we'd have riches and treasures on Earth from being obedient to Him, we may really just be gaining Christ's future glory, y'know, eternal treasure that you only get when you're dead. We just need to understand that that should be all the glory we need. (lines 4&5) But we tend to get selfish and want something in return for our efforts. Even if it's just our friend telling us we're awesome. We kinda feel gypped when we get nothing...get used to it.

Common code, like common thinking...everyone thinks love is constant, good and neverending... The Common Code I think of is the Bible and 1 Corinthians says, "Love never fails." And God is Love. God never fails. God's purose and plan always prevails and God always comes through. So we need to act on those things He's telling us to do.

It seems so simple.......

Disclaimer: As it is for all songs I write about, I haven't asked the band, or read anything pertaining to the meaning of this song. This is all me, so don't quote me on this interpretation, I'm just spilling out what's in my head.

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