25 February 2008

It happened just like last time...

We went out to a Rock related event, (this time it was The Venue, last time it was Remnant), then we hung out and got food afterwards. We were only gone a few hours both times. When we get home I go to the bathroom and laura goes to the bedroom...and then I hear "Liko!!!" Yeah, more little guinea pigs in the cage, little bit of a bloody mess. This time there were 3. This is hilarious because I was just thinking today, (when I was giving Chessy a good pet and telling her how obese she is) "Man, it would be funny if you popped out more babies." Lo and behold...... They're really cute and soooo tiny. Apparently we can't read genitalia very well because we have a little bit of a mystery: Who's the daddy? Just in case, we took "Jasmine" out of the cage and renamed "her" Captain Freak-Out. He/She is freaking out in the box right now.

Possible names:
um, and Bryan...

We're going for names that can easily be changed to the other gender...since, as we said, we can't read genetalia very well....or else this wouldn't have happened.

So...anyone want a guinea pig??

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